You’re doing an amazing job getting those steps in, so let’s make sure they count! 

You can actually link Fastic to your Google Fit or Apple Health account to aid in your holistic health journey.

To do this, simply click on the step tracker symbol in the app — you'll find “Connect tracker” by clicking on your “Goals” tab, below the fasting tracker. 

You should automatically receive instructions on how to link Fastic to Google Fit/Apple Health. You'll be asked for permission to pull your steps from those apps.

Keep in mind that both apps (Fastic and your step tracker) need to be registered under the same email address.

If you gave this a go, but it still doesn't work—try going to the Google Fit/Apple Health app again. Disconnect Fastic, then reconnect after restarting your device.

Did you know that your wearable can also be linked to Google Fit/Apple Health? This easily transfers all of your steps to the Fastic app. Please get in touch with your fitness tracker/smartwatch manufacturer to learn more.

To add steps or water manually, simply click on the water or steps widget. Find the "Log Water" or "Log Steps" buttons and add the amount you did, click save and voilà, as simple as that!

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iOS users, click here for additional information: 

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