We want to make sure you take all of your amazing progress with you!

To transfer your Fastic account to a new phone or tablet, just log out of your account on your old device by going to your "Profile" tab, clicking on the small gear wheel in the upper right corner, and scrolling all the way down to the "Log out" command. Log back in on your new device.

You will always have access to your data and personal records as long as you have registered your Fastic account with your google email address or to the email associated with your Facebook account (if you signed up through Facebook), your Apple ID account (if you’ve signed up through Apple), or your regular email address (not using the gmail loggin access tool) . Make sure you log into your new device using your original login method.

As a heads up –  Your Fastic account can only be accessed on one device at a time. So you could log out of one device and log into another device every time you switch. We wouldn’t recommend this though because switching between devices may accidentally create alternative Fastic accounts (without your original data and fasting records). 

We want your journey to be as smooth and successful as possible!