Just like your fasting journey, we want to make sure notifications are tailored to your liking and lifestyle. 


To manage your notifications, simply go to your 'Profile' tab and tap on ‘Settings’, in the upper right corner. Then on the Settings screen, tap on 'Notifications'.


From here, you can select which notifications you'd like to receive. 


If you previously turned notifications ‘off’, you’ll be led to your phone settings. Simply switch ‘on’ notifications on your phone settings, and then go back to the Fastic app.


Click on the notification topic you would like to receive and switch the button to the right. You can also choose at which times you'd like to receive those reminders!


You can set up these reminders: 

  • Water
  • Steps
  • Fasting
  • Habits (Fastic Plus)
  • Academy (Fastic Plus)
  • My Goals (Fastic Plus)