How to enter and/or edit weight:

Tracking your weight helps increase accountability and keep you motivated along the way! Let’s ensure your entries are correct, so you can celebrate your successes.

 To add your weight or edit a previous entry:

  • Open Fastic.

  • Click on your ‘Profile’ tab.

  • Scroll to ‘Weight Progress’ and click on 'Log weight’. Enter your current weight then hit ‘Save’.

  • To change a previously entered weight, go to the same ‘Weight Progress’ widget, click on 'View details', then ‘Edit’. Update the weight you want to change by tapping on the date.

  • If you want to delete an entry, simply access the one you want to remove then click on the bin icon on the upper right corner.

  • To change your weight goal, go to your profile settings and tap on 'Account details' and 'Goal weight'.