Not all of us are nine to fivers! Your norm may be working irregular hours or night shifts. Your fasting schedule can adapt to suit your unique needs.

If you work shifts, try to find a routine for yourself. It's best to take a look at your calendar and plan ahead. Remember that you don't have to keep the same fasting interval every day. For example, you could eat your last meal on your break and then start your fasting window. After your shift, arrive home, rest, and break your fast when you get up.

For example, say you work from 7 pm-4 am. Your eating schedule could look something like this:

4 pm | Wake up and enjoy a large glass of water

6 pm | Break your fast with a balanced meal with friends/family

9 pm | Enjoy a high-protein meal or snack at work

12 am | Enjoy your final meal (aim for lighter in carbs) at work

5 am | Home time and bedtime, aiming for 7-9 hours of good sleep

Feel free to shift your start and finishing times based on when you wake up, have work breaks, and whether you want to eat with your family or friends!